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3 New Under Armour Weatherproof Fabrics For This Season

Posted by Elevation on

This season as Under Armour continues to establish itself as a major player in the sports world, they have rolled out 3 new classifications for their outerwear fabrics. 

  • Storm 1
  • Storm 2
  • Storm 3

UA Storm 1 is simply a water repellant fabric that will keep you dry in a light rain or snow, but ultimately the fabric will start to absorb some moisture. 

UA Storm 2 is builds on the water repellant fabric of Storm 1, but adds in a wind proof feature while maintaining the jackets moisture management properties. 

UA Storm 3 is a totally waterproof fabric that will keep you dry in a torrential rain storm. In addition most jackets that are waterproof should have taped seams so that water cannot penetrate the shell through the seams where the jacket is sewn together.

Check out the full line of custom Under Armour warm-up jackets from Elevation Sports and be sure to check the product description for which level of fabric is featured on the jacket  you are researching for your team.

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